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Family Law ADR Panel

Find Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners (FDRP), Nationally Accredited Mediators (NMAS) and Family Law Arbitrators here: FAMILY LAW ADR list

NEW – Family Dispute Resolution Provider PANEL

Circuit Court referral of FAMILY LAW matters to ADR in 2018

Recently appointed, Chief Justice Alstergren of the Federal Circuit Court has ordered a dispute resolution “blitz” of all family law matters to reduce the delays in cases being heard and determined at trial. 

Federal Circuit Court registries will be conducting Call-Overs in late February or early March 2018 of all family law matters listed for trial in the second quarter of 2018 to order each case to alternative dispute resolution.

To assist the Court with the identification and allocation of work to ADR we have established a special Family Dispute Resolution Panel to provide a Registry specific list of accredited, available and local ADR practitioners; FDRPs, Accredited Mediators and Arbitrators.

This Accredited Dispute Resolvers website has been widely distributed to assist Federal Circuit Court judges, registries, legal practitioners and litigants identify suitable ADR practitioners.

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Find an Accredited Dispute Resolver

ADR.org.au is the site to find a skilled and experienced ADR practitioner.

Now with over 1,500 professional resolvers listed throughout Australia with a range of dispute resolution skills, including:

  • Commercial Negotiators and business Facilitators
  • Conciliators, Collaborative Professionals and Conflict Coaches
  • Mediators, Nationally Accredited Mediators, FDRP and Farm Debt mediators
  • Certified Arbitrators, Family Law Arbitrators and International Arbitrators
  • Expert determiners and Expert witnesses

Businesses, community organisations, government agencies and individuals, who are looking for professional assistance to help them resolve their disputes, can find the right person here.  You can make use of the various search functions on the right side of each page to locate the dispute resolver with the skills and experience you need.

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