We provide all Australian accredited dispute resolution practitioners with a free listing

With over 1,400 professional dispute resolvers listed over a dozen categories, you may want to upgrade your listing so that details of your expertise are more readily found.  Read about the benefits of membership here: Membership Benefits


preferred_sampler_smPREFERRED Listing

We provide you with a full practice listing, all your contact details including phone, fax and email are  provided, so that enquirers can contact you directly.

You can also append a short (up to 100 words) profile of your service offering and fee details.

Most importantly, Your profile is included in the Specialist area searches and you can choose up to THREE separate listing areas to nominate.

We also give your listing top priority within the classification ordered by date of the registration of your service, so that you always keep your precedence over people who register later.





professional_sampler_smProvides the most featured service – equivalent to having your own website.

As well as all Preferred information, we list your business address and Google map of its location, your photograph and an extended profile (up to 1,000 words) for you to fully describe your services.

You have the ability to lodge PDF documents for download (like your CV, fee schedule or articles you want enquirers to access) and to link your profile to published material about you and your business website.

Your profile is included in ALL Specialist area searches that you choose and you are also listed at the top of any category and we give your listing priority so that you always keep your precedence over people who register later.





PANEL Listing

A Panel listing includes all of the features of a Professional Listing, with the addition of group marketing activities.

For practitioners who upgrade to a Panel Listing, we offer more than just a place to list your name and details of your experience, we provide the internet infrastructure and support to market your expertise and availability and help bring new clients to you from Australia-wide.