1.   Listing services on the ADR.org.au website are provided by Mediation & Arbitration Centre Pty Ltd (‘MedArb’) and are subject to these terms and conditions. By providing Your details to Medarb, You agree that Your listing appearing on the ADR.org.au website, is subject to, and that You are bound by these terms and conditions.

2.   Individuals who are dispute resolution practitioners and are currently accredited as such by a recognised accrediting body (e.g.an Accredited Mediator under the National Mediator Accreditation System) are eligible to receive a listing (a ‘Personal Listing’) on the ADR.org.au website, free of any charge.  The decision as to whether you are an accredited Dispute Resolution practitioner will be ours alone.

3.   You will need to provide evidence of your current accreditation, either by reference to a publicly available listing on an accrediting body’s website (e.g. published list of Family Dispute Resolution Providers) in which case you should provide the URL link. Or by providing copies of documents issued to you by the accrediting organisation which identify your current accredited status.  These can be uploaded from the website.

4.   By publishing your information on the ADR.org.au website, MedArb makes no representation nor does it warrant that you have the accreditation or skills for the categories of expertise you claim. MedArb is not responsible for maintaining the accuracy of Your listing, and You must regularly check and keep current and accurate, the listing information (whether provided by You or collected and assembled by MedArb). You can update Your listing content by submitting the electronic Listing Application form.

5.   MedArb may at its sole discretion create, review and/or amend Your listing. MedArb may at any time reject or remove any con​tent from your listing or change, delete, or remove Your listing in its entirety for any reason and with​out prior notice to you. Typically this will be done where we have reason to believe Your information to be inaccurate, in contravention of any law or we receive a request or com​plaint that we believe justifies taking this action, until the matter is resolved.

6.   You agree that MedArb and it staff, servants and agents will be held harmless and not responsible in any way for any damages You suffer, whether consequential or not, as a result of Your listing being incorrect, whether in a material way or not and whether caused by our actions or in any way.

7.   You grant MedArb and related bodies corporate a royalty free licence to use, reproduce, adapt, modify, communicate to the public and sub-license the con​tent that you provide to us or we collect from any web​site where your information is published (‘Your Inputs’) for the purposes of providing the listing services including the content in any directory, product, service, site, application or marketing material provided or used by us, by our related bodies corporate or by a third party to whom we syndicate, distribute or otherwise make avail​able the listing con​tent. You agree that MedArb or a related corporate body own all intellectual property rights in the listing services other than Your Inputs and in any new work created by modifying or otherwise dealing with any aspect of the listing services (including Your Inputs); and in any data, results and reports we generate, and give to you pursuant to these Terms and Conditions.

8.   Except in relation to Your Inputs, you must not (and must not permit others to) reproduce the listing services or any new work created by us using any part of the listing services, with​out our prior writ​ten consent.

9.   Where You request a ‘Professional Listing’ a ‘Preferred Listing’ or a ‘Panel Listing’ for which a fee is charged, the listing will be published after payment has been received. All paid service (Panel, Professional and Preferred Listings) are charged monthly and unless stated otherwise, all advertised charges or fees in relation to Your listing or other services do not include GST.

10. MedArb will continue to sup​ply the published listing and all associated functionality to you on a month to month basis on the terms applicable at that time (including price), unless You instruct us otherwise or you fail to pay the monthly charges as required. When Your listing period has ended or been terminated, we may retain or delete Your con​tent, as we deem required.  You can request that Your listing be edited, amended or added to at any time.

11.   Your listing period commences from the date, that you authorise it by Your writ​ten or electronically communicated instructions and will continue on a monthly basis, until cancelled by You.  You may request the termination of Your MedArb listing at any time. The cancellation will take effect after the Last Day of the month in which the termination request (the Termination Date) is received or the date specified in the termination request. Any payment for listing services already received for periods beyond the Termination Date will be refunded to You on a pro-rata basis. No refund will be provided for payments related to the cur​rent billing period up to the Termination Date.

12.   MedArb provides no guarantee that listing services will always be available and although all reasonable care is taken to prevent any disruption to the services and availability of the ADR.org.au web​site, MedArb can​not be held responsible for any disruption to continuous availability of the listing services for any reason. Should any unplanned and unforeseen long term disruption to the listing services occur, MedArb will make all reasonable efforts to provide free time or services to com​pen​sate for listing time that is lost and this will be at the sole discretion of MedArb.

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