Beverley Clark FCC Listing

Practice: Nationally Accredited Mediator
State: SA
Business: (08) 882121322

Expertise: Family Separation, Parenting Arrangements, Property, High Conflict, Families and Children, Face-To-Face, Shuttle/Face-To-Face
Professional Organisations: The Law Society of South Australia
The Law Council of Australia – Family Law Section
The International Academy of Collaborative Professionals
The Australian Association of Collaborative Professionals
The Resolution Institute
Adelaide Collaborative Practice Group
Relationships Australia Practice Group
Australian Academy of Collaborative Practitioners

SA Adelaide

Bev is committed to achieving the best outcomes for her clients. She understands the importance of exploring opportunities to resolve matters and works hard to ensure that her clients are supported and properly represented through the legal process.

In the early years of legal practice, Bev worked across a range of areas. Her experience in general practice enabled her to adopt a well-rounded approach to the areas of family law and personal injury law which have been her focus for some time.

Bev is a nationally accredited mediator and has a strong commitment to dispute resolution for her clients. She believes that Court should only be a last resort. Bev conducts Collaborative training for the Law Society of South Australia and is on the panel of mediators at the Magistrates Court SA.